Orno Partner Program

Over the last few months, we’ve seen the massive effect that the pandemic can have on individuals and small businesses. The thing that pained us the most was seeing extraordinary people taking the brunt of this impact, and losing their jobs. Unfortunately, as a small family business (and a somewhat new business) we are also not in the position to be able to take on any of these extraordinary people. So we thought: “What can we do?” And we landed on the idea of setting up a ‘Partner Program’. The partner program allows each partner to gain a commission on each order that they send our way. We track these referrals by giving each partner their own unique ‘Referral Link’ and ‘Referral Code’. When a client clicks on that link and/or enters the referral code at the checkout, that tells us who sent that customer to us, and the partner is paid. This way, partners can utilise the network that they have already built to earn some income while leaving the rest to us. A mutually beneficial partnership.

Who is this for?

The partner program can be for anyone. If you have links to the home improvement or construction industry, this could be for you. It could be for a one-off referral of a friend or for ongoing referrals of your clients. There are absolutely no obligations.

If you, your business, or anyone you know would be interested in becoming a partner, you can register here or contact us directly at sales@orno.co.uk

Key Points

  • 20% Commission Available
  • No outgoing cost involved
  • Simply give out your link — we do the rest.
  • Simple Payout System (PayPal or straight to your Bank)

Register for the Partner Program here.